Facilities Automation

Augmented Intelligence

Digital Asset and Inventory Monitoring

Clinical Records Modeling and NLP

Insights & Analytics


Virtual BackOffice

Patient Experience Management

Multi Channel Support

Access from Anywhere

Practice Customizations

Payer Contracts and Pricing

Practice Management

Electronic Health Records

Revenue Cycle Management

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A cost-effective Augmented Intelligent Integrated Solution!

We support innovators and serve as the virtual office behind your front office so you can deliver even better care for your customers! We work with facilities, outsourcers, patients, practitioners, agencies, and providers!

A highly focused and qualified experienced team of professionals whose backgrounds are in medicine, health information systems, compliance, and digital transformation that work together to create consistent value!


We employ and integrate the best practices and relevant organizational business processes into our provider’s organizations to increase operational efficiency, data driven insights, and achieve customer focused excellence.


Our platform and business model is composed of high value partners combined with high touch professional services that utilize cost effective reusable features that center patient care, which are not easily available to every practice and provider.

Fully integrated apps that liberate facilities, practices, and their patients and business partners to enhance their relationships

  • Find doctors and appointments in your network
  • Interact with your records and access the right staff
  • Eliminate the paper processes to empower the patient
  • Exchange information and establish interoperability
  • Adopt the latest technologies to enhance the quality of service
  • Optimize customer user experiences with configurable functions

NextEHRA for Practices

  •  Adopt a holistic approach to running your practice with no time wasted
  •  Manage patients based on operational and optimal clinical workflows
  •  Nurture patient relationship through reliable insights and compliance
  •  Manage overheads and expand coverage without limited by affordability
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